Character Coaches

How can FCA serve your team?

What is a Character Coach?

Character Coaches love and serve the coaching staff and players with the love of Christ…keeping the best interests of the team in mind, serving practical needs and praying for and with the team. Character Coaches make themselves available to the coaching staff and athletes. They add value to the mission, vision and characteristics of the sports program.

What do Character Coaches do?

  • Connector.


    Alert the coach, administration and/or tour staff to critical issues that affect a team, program or tour.a

  • Connector.


    Provide training and resources for character development and life management skills.

  • Connector.


    Available and equipped to assist in crisis situations.

  • Connector.


    Pray for and encourage athletes, coaches, their families and support staff.

  • Connector.


    Coordinate and lead chapel services.

  • Connector.


    Coordinate special ministry/outreach events.

What is a Chapel?

A chapel can take many forms. For example, under the approval of the coach, a chapel is an optional time where athletes and/or coaches can discuss relevant topics about how Biblical truths relate to life and sport.

Who can be a Chaplain?

Anyone! They must have met with an FCA staff member and completed the necessary steps to become an offically approved FCA volunteer. That can be a staff person, a pastor, a parent, etc.